a SELF-PACED ONLINE course to help you do just that!

Ready to learn how to screen out assholes and start dating with self-respect?

There is a common theme each time you experience a dating dead-end

Your well-meaning friends try to comfort you with “It wasn’t meant to be”, or“Just keep going” and the worst one “Just enjoy being single and then he will come along!” 

You meet a guy you really like but then you hear the dreaded words –“I just don’t want a relationship right now” OR “It’s not you, it’s me”

You’ve had this great date with someone you finally find attractive/sexy….but then, you never hear from them again!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are convinced there is something wrong with you because you are the only one still single in your family and group of friends.

You find yourself being unable to meet an emotionally available guy who can commit to you without all of the heart-ache, pain and time-wasting over and over again. 

You are planning a life alone because you are convinced that you will never meet a partner.

 “There must be something wrong with me,
no-one wants me”. 


Nodding your head?
Read on!

Using the knowledge, insight and learnings of many years of experience helping hundreds of women with their relationships. The Red Flag Project has been developed to show you a new way to approach dating. To show you how to get out of your own way when you are dating. An approach that dramatically fast-tracks your dating success.

Discover, how to screen out assholes and date with self-respect!

...please ‘READ ON” because it could potentially change the trajectory of your life… just like it has changed ours.

If you want to know why you keep attracting these ‘assholes’, or...

If you’d like to find that guy who can commit to you and that you can trust, or...

If you want to stop spending WAY too much time trying to get them to commit to you or even treat you well…then...

You will understand the relationship between your schemas and a pattern of attracting and staying with emotionally unavailable men…

You will learn to identify the red flags of emotional unavailability, avoidance or disinterest while dating so you can avoid or end bad relationships early…

You will learn how to trust your gut in a new way – how to NOT to ignore what your values and self-respect are telling you about a guy you are attracted to… will get a step-by-step dating plan to start using now, to stop wasting time with unavailable, inconsistent, avoidant, detached, narcissistic or controlling men!

The Step-by-Step Plan That Helps Women To Find a Relationship With an Emotionally Available Man ...

HOw to screen out assholes and date with self-respect!

introducing... The Red Flag Project.

4 lessons on fixing your man-radar.

Five worksheets and checklists that ensure you take solid [real] action.

The Red Flag Project has helped so many of our clients date with an intentional strategy and with a confidence that comes from seeing a bigger picture.

The strategies and tactics we teach you in The Red Flag Project will lead you to recognise an emotionally available guy so you can lean into the connection with confidence. 

Here's what you will receive...

We offer a step-by-step dating plan that you can repeat over and over again to screen out the unavailable, inconsistent, avoidant, detached, narcissistic or controlling men quickly so you can fast-track your dating success. This means you do not waste time! For many of our clients, by the time they work with us they have been in this pattern for years!

A step-by step plan


We make explicitly clear the red flags you need to notice when you are on a date. People give themselves away very early on and you need to take note and respond accordingly. If you keep these red flags at the front of your mind when dating you can save time and heartache down the track.



We introduce you to the real reasons why you keep attracting and persisting with emotionally unavailable men. Nope, it’s not your fault but it is your responsibility to become aware and make the changes so you can stop making the same mistakes over and over again! Once you know the real WHY you keep choosing these men you can get on with solving the problem!

discover the why?


What makes this course so good?

+ What you should NEVER do on the first few dates with a guy.
+ How to protect yourself from getting hooked into bad relationships
+ How to “interview” to work out if he is good for YOU rather than the usual question of “Am I good enough for him?”
+ How to see dating and relationship progression in stages rather than "Am I in this or am I out?"
+ Our special tactics and questions to ask the guy before YOU DECIDE to progress the relationship to the next stage.
+ When do you have SEX with him – it’s not all about the chemistry and giving him what he wants to keep him. We give you a new way to make this decision.

Your Dating Plan

lesson four

how to date with self-care and self-respect as your priority!

+ Learn to identify those common thoughts and feelings that are driven by your schemas.
+ Discover the true meaning of those GUT reactions and why you should listen to them.
+ Identify those excuses and rationalisations you make that keep you stuck in dead-end relationships.
+ The HOW and WHY his bad behaviour flies under your RADAR – learn to say no to yourself rather than make excuses for him

Internal Red Flags

lesson three

learn to trust your gut – signals to screen in and out.!

+ Discover our strategy for recognising the ‘red flags” when you are dating men that you absolutely MUST avoid.
+ Our tactics to identifying unavailability and disinterest in a guy so you can STOP trying to win him over and move on to a better option.
+ Discover the proven way to ditch the “love bombers” and why you find them so sexy in the first place.
+ Discover how to Identify the narcissistic “love bomber” and screen him out before you get hooked.
+ Learn to spot the red flags if you are already dating a guy or in an established relationship.
+ Importantly, learn how to screen out those guys who display EXTREME red flags, ones that can put you at risk of violence. 

The External Red Flags

lesson two

how unavailable men give themselves away!

+ Observe and define the relationship pattern you are stuck in.
+ Learn the difference between emotionally available and          emotionally unavailable men
+ Learn the TRUTH about why you have high sexual chemistry with unavailable men.
+ Learn all about SCHEMAS – this is like having a SUPER POWER. + You will learn a new way to see what is going on for you in dating.
+ Discover why your brain sometimes works against you when it comes to making dating decisions

What You Need To Know

lesson one

LEARN about dating, relationship patterns and schemas!

Here's What You'll Learn


Looking after your future self and managing the emotions of walking away!

In this “tell-all” bonus, we reveal a step-by-step plan that we have refined and used in our work with hundreds of women to help them walk away from a bad relationship with their self-respect intact and the right mindset.

Let’s face it – break-ups are hard and you have to cope with really difficult feelings. Stand on the shoulders of other women who have been through this difficult process and know you are doing everything you can to move through it. 

When you enrol, you also receive...

The RFP Break-Up Guide 

We have a huge passion to help women choose emotionally available men and so, The Red Flag Project was born.  

This program is a summary of our 15-year journey that eventually resulted in the launch of The Red Flag Project and a life-long mission to help other women find relationships with emotionally available men (NOT assholes).

As we were muddling through our dating journeys we saw the same struggle in our clients. We realized that we were now in a unique position to help them too! We applied what we had learnt from our own experiences, coupled with our professional know-how, to their dating problems. And guess what! It worked for them too! 

"Hi, Justine and Gemma here. We are both clinical psychologists with over 40 years combined experience in helping people find connection and love in good relationships.

Justine & Gemma

Dr. justine corry

Dr. gemma gladstone

Feeling empowered and hopeful about finding love and connection.

Knowing the real reason why you keep ending up with assholes.

Knowing you can date with strategy and intention.

Knowing you can recognise an emotionally available guy and screen out the assholes.

Know you can make good dating decisions for your future self while you keep your self-respect.

to this...

Feeling confused, powerless and stuck in a pattern of rejection and heartache with guys who won't commit to you and muck you around. 

Feeling sick and tired of being ghosted, stashed, breadcrumbed as you as you through the nightmare that is modern dating.

Feeling frustrated and powerless that you keep being attracted to the unavailable guys and that you keep choosing them.

Blaming yourself that these guys just don’t seem to want you.

Feeling resigned to being alone and missing out on love and connection.

you'll go from...

After Finishing The Red Flag Project...


I loved this course! I’ve been recommending it and talking about it with all the women I know. I am so grateful that The Red Flag Project exists.

After the first lesson I felt like I could clearly identify my own relationship patterns, understand them and know that I have the ability to change these - which was a real lightbulb moment! This course makes it clear that ‘falling’ in love is a choice, one that you can make intentionally with the right person.

The humour that Justine and Gemma use throughout the course is so great, it makes the content accessible and down to earth while still being elevated and professional. The course is engaging and while technically (and necessarily) ‘clinical’ in some parts, it still feels personal.

For people like me who haven’t grown up with a good radar for relationships it makes a huge difference to have a compass like this to help steer you in the right direction. I can now recognize what I should be looking for and deserve in a healthy relationship! It has already helped me to identify red flags early on and make better decisions for myself. Thank you Justine and Gemma, I look forward to doing more of your courses in the future! Jessica F.

I loved this course - I've been recommending and talking about it with the women I know.


I needed a new path and this course has given me that. It had loads of feel good positivity, the information provided is raw & genuine, and has taken me on a journey of knowledge & empowerment.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit with expert psychologists and listen/learn in a very affordable platform and found myself wanting to go back and watch again.

I have come away being able to identify some of my schemas and an awareness of where I have gone off the tracks in my past relationships. I now feel truly more confident and I only wish I had this information/insight when I first started dating!

It has also made me think about my daughter who has experienced trauma and how important this knowledge will be for her when she starts dating.

Can’t wait to continue exploring additional courses as you roll them out!

"The course opened up a whole new world for me of knowledge & confidence. "

Success stories from women like you...

The information we present in this course is normally given to our clients over hours of face-to-face therapy. You get all of our wisdom, strategies, insights and tactics for this affordable price.


ONE OFF investment of

Ready to Commit to Change?


You are a women wanting a relationship but feels frustrated, depleted, powerless and hopeless to find a lovely man.

You keep having the same experience over and over again – you keep meeting unavailable, inconsistent, avoidant, detached, narcissistic or controlling men and it feels like it is something you just can’t shake.

Maybe you are in a relationship but you know something is “off” but you are having trouble articulating exactly why.

Perhaps you want the confidence of knowing what is really going on and why you keep choosing these men.

You’ve been reading and researching how to avoid unavailable men but you still don’t have the answers or a clear plan of action.

You have had bad experiences dating men in the past, and you are shit scared of making more bad choices.

At the end of the day you really want a loving and honest relationship.

Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

Wondering if this is right for you? 

If you expecting instant results. We wish we could personally set you up with the man of your dreams but unfortunately we can’t offer a dating service. 

You are not willing to actually date – yep, to get out there and meet people (whether virtually given COVID or face-to-face). And, in this day and age it probably means online dating. If you are in a complete avoidance mode then this may not be the course for you YET. However, if you are in avoidance mode with dating the course may give you hope that you can do it differently......

Who's this program NOT for?

We know right? Ths course really is affordable. But we wanted it to be that way. We just want to get this message out there! Not all of our offerings are at this price-point but we are prioritizing getting The Red Flag Project out there so women can be better quipped to choose loving, healthy relationships. We firmly believe that good relationships are the key to good mental health. This is what we want for you :-)

Why is this so affordable?


The Red Flag Project is very short course – there are four lessons that range from 20-60 minutes. The feedback we get is that it is so helpful and insightful that some re-watch the modules. After completing the course it is up to you how much time and effort you want to dedicate to rolling out the dating plan. However, rest assured, if you implement the plan you will ensure you waste as little time as possible dating duds. 

How LONG is the course?


This depends! We can say however, that over the last 15 years we have had hundreds of success stories of women who we have helped with this approach. In general, those who have completed The Red Flag Project report immediately feeling more in control and hopeful about approaching their partner choice differently. They also don't hang around in dead-end relationships for as long - screening  out assholes early is the key to fast-tracking your dating success.

How fast until I get results?


Have Questions? We've got Answers

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What support can I expect? 


We have created The Red Flag Project to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get. We cover this material everyday with clients and so we know what works to facilitate understanding and insight. Our handouts also facilitate understanding and help you implement the strategies we discuss in the course.

IS the course difficult?


You will get 12 months access to the four video lessons each with a set of handouts and checklists. 
The course also comes with the bonus:
The Red Flag Project Break-Up Guide: How to manage the emotions of walking away and looking after your future-self.



I'm in. sign me up!

By signing up to The Red Flag Project, you will gain access to the invaluable resources and strategies that you need to recognise red flags that signal emotional unavailability and heartache.  You will be so much closer to finding love and connection!

You deserve this! Let’s get started right now on your journey!

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